High-Tech Cheaters and High-Tech Solutions

This week, the Wall Street Journal detailed the ways in which cheaters are proving to be even more and more high-tech. We’re talking spy cameras and tactics that would make James Bond blush. From getting others to feed them answers to downloading answers for future test-takers, these cheaters are relentless.

With the advent of more advanced computer-based testing, it makes sense that the solutions become more and more advanced as well.

Is there a way to best these high-tech highwaymen? Let us know what you think in our poll below:

Search Shmoop from Your Firefox Browser

Firefox users now have even faster access to the literature, US history, and poetry resources on Shmoop.

Type in The Great Gatsby themes or World War II timeline, and you’ll have Shmoop analysis and facts, right at your fingertips.

Download the Shmoop Search add-on for Firefox from the Firefox website. The download takes less than a minute.

iamge of Shmoop search in Firefox

iamge of Shmoop search in Firefox