Shmoop rocks into 2009 with Dylan, Ginsberg, and a nod from PC Magazine

Here at Shmoop HQ, our 2009 is off to a rocking start. Strap on your air guitar and read on for the scoop from Shmoop.

Shmoop named “Best of the Internet” in PC Magazine’s January, 2009 issue
We love the love. Thank you! We are humbled and thrilled by the good vibes surrounding Shmoop. Please keep all thoughts – good and bad – coming! For full-frontal coverage of Shmoop in the blogosphere and media, please stop by our Press Room.

Who says poets are softies? Shmoop introduces the “Bad Boys of Poetry”
Shmoop challenges you to see poetry in a new light – in a Rock classic, even. Our new analysis of Bob Dylan’s “All Along the Watchtower” just might change the way you think of Dylan – and poetry, for that matter. Also new in Poetry – and not for the faint of heart – Beat poet Allen Ginsberg’s controversial adrenaline-rush, “Howl” (recommended only for mature audiences).

Bone-up on your NFL knowledge – there’s more to the Superbowl than awesome ads
Before you garbage-up on guacamole dip, load your brain with football facts and trivia in Shmoop’s History of the NFL.

New arrivals on Shmoop Literature

New arrivals on Shmoop Poetry

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