We’ll Make You (Interwebs) Famous

Kill Jill was one of the first student bloggers to get wise to Shmoop (back in our super-secret private beta test days). She even wrote a nice blog post about Shmoop. We sent her a Shmoop t-shirt and sticker as a small token of thanks.

A few months later, this photo showed up in our email. We like the mods that she made to her Shmoop shirt and we dig the tattoo.

Rock your Shmoop gear with pride, Jill!

Want a Shmoop t-shirt of your own?
Invite 20 friends to check out Shmoop and we’ll hook you up.

And if you’d like to be included in our new Shmoop Fans set on Flick, send your photos to support at shmoop dot com.

(Legal note, once you send in pics to Shmoop, all your photos are belong to us)

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