New on Shmoop: Twilight, Shakespeare Gives “The Talk” about the Birds & Bees

Is it Lit? Shmoop Bites into the Best-Seller Twilight
Mention the word “Twilight” in a room full of young girls and you’ll likely meet an ear-shattering “squeee!” The first novel in Stephenie Meyer’s vampire series spawned a $300 million box office and has hooked a new generation of young (and young-at-heart) readers. Shmoop asks, “is Twilight great literature? Can Twilight help young readers learn the literary ropes? (What’s up with the apple? Symbolism! Epigraphs!). Check out Twilight on Shmoop

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Sonnet 2: Shakespeare Gives “The Talk”
Shakespeare’s Sonnet 2 is all about those tough times where you have to sit down with someone and have “the talk.” Now usually “the talk” is long, rambling, and kind of boring. But that’s because you didn’t get “the talk” from the greatest genius in the history of Western literature! Seriously, Shakespeare takes us on a tour of beautiful images, neat metaphors, and even the whole journey of human life. Check out Sonnet 2 on Shmoop.

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