Huzzah! Master Shakespeare Needeth a Birthday Cake.

Dear Master Shakespeare,

Happy Birthday! We doth send you all of our love, for you are the apple of our eye. Is your day full of the sound and fury of the birthday song? Are you eating a dish fit for the gods? No more cakes and ale? Oh, that way madness lies.

We have much remembrance of things past — all of those plays and sonnets you wrote. We didst read every one — too much of a good thing is … a good thing. Such stuff as dreams are made on you did cook up. You make us desire to be exceedingly well read. We wear our heart upon our sleeve for you. Before you vanished into thin air, you didst create a brave new world. When we are in a pickle or at a loss for words, we turn to you. You have quite a following of lovers and madmen, not to mention green-eyed monsters. Good night, sweet prince. We celebrate you in all corners of the world!


(April 23 is the Bard’s 445th birthday and it’s also Talk Like Shakespeare Day)

Featured Shakespeare on Shmoop:

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