Put a Ph.D. in Your Pocket*: Shmoop Discovers iPhone and iPod Touch

* (Shmoop Poetry alliteration lesson 1)

Students or teachers who carry an iPhone or iPod Touch can find a Ph.D. in their pocket. Not just any Ph.D. – an encouraging, friendly (nerdly) scholar who wants you to love learning. Our expert writers are your academic personal trainers, helping you build your brain and make Socrates proud (and blush a little).

All New: 122 (and counting) Shmoop Literature Study Apps for iPhone and iPod <<

    What You Get:

  • Lively, loving literature guides written primarily by Ph.D. students from top U.S. universities, like Stanford, Harvard, and UC Berkeley.
  • Summaries. Quotes. Characters. Themes. Plot Analysis. Study Questions. Plus, stylish packaging = iPretty.
  • Quiz-o-Rama – a fast-paced quiz game to test your knowledge and nerves. Perfect for a last-minute cram session or simply to build those brain muscles and impress those dates.

In addition to the classics – Great Expectations, Hamlet, Moby-Dick – we’ve made a Study App for the bestseller Twilight for our blood-sucking-loving fans.

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