Shmoop! (There it is). Introducing Shmoop Music.

Drumroll please. Shmoop introduces our 8th subject,
Shmoop Music.

The same website that compared 19th century literature to Gossip Girl and called Emily Dickinson a packrat takes on Kurt Cobain and John Lennon.


Fans: Find Deeper Love for Your Favorite Songs (Just How Deep Was That Love?)

Remember VH1’s Pop-Up Video and how sweet it was to snack on juicy trivia as you watched a music video? Shmoop Music takes things to a whole new level. Whet your whistle on some of the most influential songs of all time. Drink in the songs you know and can’t get enough of. We offer shocking backstories and gritty details, and we explore the meaning of the lyrics, the music, and the songwriting.

Teachers: The Juicy Worm on the Hook is Music

Music is a delicious treat for finicky young intellectual palates. Music can help your students find an appetite for poetry, literature, and history. What better way to assuage student fears about poetry than to begin with an analysis of Bob Marley’s lyrics?

Our Set List (For Starters)

Don’t See Your Favorite? We’re Just Getting Started. Shmoop Takes Requests

2 thoughts on “Shmoop! (There it is). Introducing Shmoop Music.

  1. I was thinking actually that some songs to focus on would be those on Rock Band or otherwise that kids come into contact with but don’t know the back story of. My kids are beginning to get into songs just because they’re on video games and like to hear more information on them!

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