Bloomberg Article: Textbooks Will be the Biggest Market for Digital Readers

– Within five years, textbooks will be the biggest market for e-book devices, dwarfing sales to casual readers, predicts Sarah Epps, an analyst at Forrester Research Inc.

– E-textbooks accounted for about 3 percent of total U.S. college textbook spending during the current school semester, according to Student Monitor LLC in Ridgewood, New Jersey. Digital textbooks may reach 20 percent of total textbook sales in five years, CourseSmart’s Lyman said.

“Print will expire faster in the textbook world than in the trade book world,” Epps said. “The technical barriers will disappear and five years is enough for the content to catch up with demand. The potential is there.”

My, How We’ve Grown! Did You Know:

  • Shmoop is the #1 High School educational publisher on the Amazon Kindle, with 300+ titles currently available
  • Shmoop is the #2 educational App developer for iPhone/iPod, with 250+ Apps currently available


Full Article:

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