This Week on Shmoop: Blizzards, Alice, & Gadgets Galore

We hope you’ve stayed high and dry during this wild winter and that your brain has had lots of exercise as you snuggle up indoors. For those of you chomping on the idea of college, check out a new college admission service, iAdmissions, which links you to former admission officers with years of admissions experience at top universities. Also, gear up for Women’s History Month in March by hanging out in Shmoop US History. Remember, you don’t ever have to be a stranger — Shmoop is available on iPhone, iPod iTouch, the much-discussed new iPad; Amazon Kindle; Barnes & Noble Nook; and now also the Sony Reader.

Put a Ph.D. in Your Pocket… Take Shmoop to Go

Road trip with the Ph.D. students who write Shmoop. We now have 1,300 Apps and eBooks that let you bring Shmoop with you, wherever your travels may lead.

iPhone, iPad, iPod touch | Amazon Kindle

Barnes & Noble Nook | Sony Reader

Curious, Indeed! Brush Up on the Original Alice in Wonderland

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and its sequel Through the Looking-Glass paved the way for many of the books that children and adults enjoy today – The Spiderwick Chronicles, the Harry Potter series, the Chronicles of Narnia, and so on. Shmoop covers both of Lewis Carroll’s classics in this 2-for-1 Alice in Wonderland special.

Snow Day! The 6 Worst Winter Storms in US History

Think “Snowmageddon” 2010 was bad? Try these on for size: 1888’s “Great White Hurricane” or 1933’s “Siberian Express.” Read more about the Worst Winter Storms in US History

iAdmissions: Expert Coaching for College Admissions

(A Word from Our Partner)
They’ve sifted through thousands of applications over the years, and now they’re at your fingertips. Hire a former Admissions Officer from Stanford, Harvard, Brown, UCLA, or other top schools as your personal admissions coach. After all, who knows admissions better than former admissions officers?
Learn more

March is Women’s History Month

Celebrate womenly wonders with Shmoop throughout the wintery month of March. Start with our History of Women’s Movements in the US.

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