March is Women’s History Month

Celebrate womanly wonders this month on Shmoop.

Meet women who changed the world. From Harriet Tubman to Emily Dickinson to… Lady Gaga.

Here are 36 topics to study this March.



US History




3 thoughts on “March is Women’s History Month

  1. None of the Gender in links under US history have anything on them. I keep getting Error 404 – not found. Is this something at my end or are the links inactive? Since it’s March I would need them NOW to use the information

  2. Kathy Nixie says:

    I have been asking 30 to 40 year old females about title 9

    They are woefully ignorant of the ramifications of this landmark women’s rights leap.


    Please remind womens studies groups of the importance of Elizabeth Cady Stanton also.

    Wouldn’t be where we are today without these two parts of our herstory.

    Appreciate all you do THANKS!

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