Brendan’s Report from the Tibetan Earthquake. And How You Can Help.

Brendan Selby is one of our beloved Shmoop contributors. He has been living in Yushu – a culturally Tibetan region of Western China – teaching English to high school students. On April 14, a magnitude 6.9 earthquake hit the region and devastated much of the small town where Brendan lives.

We’re happy to report that Brendan is safe and has resumed teaching.

Brendan’s blog provides a moving and sometimes disturbing report of recent events… and also reminds us of his immense writing talent, his passion for teaching, and his compassion.

Brendan’s house – made of mud bricks – collapsed on him immediately during the largest of the many quakes to hit the region.

Brendan’s photo (at left) depicts the girls’ dormitory at his school that collapsed, killing many students.

Want to help?

Brendan suggested that donations be made via Yushu Earthquake Repsonse, a small coalition of local grassroots NGOs and volunteers.

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