20 Back-To-School Shopping Deals & Picks

Whether you’re just a five-minute walk away from high school or traveling across the country to that dream college, we’ve got your back (and you could have us in yours–that is, your backpack or back pocket).

Here to help you ease into those hallways is our guide to stuff that’ll make you love that back-to-school buzz:

1 . TOMS Shoes: Buy One, Give One

Like helping out a cause? Like fashionable shoes? Well you’re in luck. TOMS donates a pair of shoes to a child in need for every one that you buy. So get on it!

2. Threadless: $10 Tees

Comfy, cozy tees that are funny and uniquely you? Win. Wait and there’s a “back to old school” $10 tee sale with $5 shipping? Double win!

3.  American Eagle Outfitters: Save 50% on a back-up pair of AE Jeans

Jeans, jeans, jeans. They go with everything and are the perfect mix of comfy and fashionable, and with the Buy One Get One 50%  Off deal going on right now, your wallet will be crying tears of joy.

4. H&M: Fashionably Cheap

Internationally loved, and catering to everyone from babies to adults, H&M has some of the best affordable fashions for everyone. Not sure what your style is? Piece together different looks online to see what it’ll look like.

5. Amazon Student: Free Shipping

Sign up for Amazon Student! All you need is an e-mail ending in .edu and you’re set for 1 year of free two-day shipping, and one-day shipping for just $3.99. It won’t cost you a dime to sign-up.

6. Chegg: Rent Your Textbooks

What’s the point of buying a text book for $100+ dollars when you can rent one? Don’t waste your money buying a book you know you’ll never open again, just rent if for a fraction of the price.

Oh, and did we mention: they plant a tree every time you rent.  Saving money and the environment. Textbooks and oxygen for everyone! Double win again.

Chegg - Rent textbooks and save!

7. Student Universe: Cheap Flights

Get cheap flights with your .edu e-mail.  Great for flying to Turkey or flying home for Turkey Day.

8. Netflix and Hulu Plus: Say Goodbye to Cable Bills

Don’t know how you’re going to survive without cable TV in college? Well, today’s savvy students are ditching incredibly pricey cable bills for streaming video from Hulu Plus or Netflix. Hulu Plus now offers the current season’s shows from ABC, NBC, Fox, and more for $10 per month. That’s a steal (and not the kind of steal that can land you in hot water… we’re looking at you, BitTorrent).

9. Barnes and Noble: 45% Back-to-School Sale

Want to buy books? Journals? Bookmarks? Accessories? Well you’re in luck. Barnes and Noble is having a Back To School Sale.

10. The Gotta-Have Smart Phones: iPhone 4g, Blackberry Torch 9800, Droid 2

It’s like having a mini computer and camera with you all the time. And let’s not forget all of the great apps that can help you out with the school work and scheduling. Each has its own features, so check them all out and see which one fits you best.

11. Laptops: Comparison Shop for Your Dream Machine

Portable and powerful, what’s not to like about these convenient machines? Here are some of our favorite picks and deals

Mac: Apple is once again doing its student deal:  buy any mac for college and get a free 8G iPod Touch.

Dell Inspiron: With its fast shipping and customizable options, Dell lets you design a computer just right for you at a lower price. Spend a little more on covers and it’ll be that much more you.

Sony Vaio: Customize your own computer and save a ton of money in addition to receiving a free Adobe Bundle. Did we mention how cool these look and that you can get it engraved for free too?

12. E-Readers: Let’s Get Digital, Digital

Books? Psh, this is the digital age. Carry thousands of books in a single go with these e-readers.

iPad: If this were a Britney lyric, it would be “not an e-reader, not yet a computer.” Comes with tons of cool features and is even being mandated by some schools

Nook: comes with Wi-Fi and free chocolate and discounted accessories

Kindle: comes with a full QWERTY keyboard, text-to speech, and a built-in-dictionary

Sony Reader: comes in a touch screen (ideal for taking notes) with an mp3 player, and lets you browse local libraries

13. Digital Cameras: Sony, Canon, Casio

Hey, these are supposed to be some of the best years of your lives. Why wouldn’t you want to record them? Okay, so the 3D Sony might be a bit over the top, but  it’ll give you chills to see how far we’ve come with technology. Check out these other models for simpler uses.

14. WD External Hard Drive: Because Losing the Paper You Wrote in Last Night’s All-Nighter is Really, Really Painful

With all of that information (—the songs, the pictures, the papers)— that you’ve got on your computer, don’t you think you should back it up? Compatible with both Macs and PCs, this little hard drive is not only smart, but also sleek and powerful.

15. Shmoop eBooks and Mobile Apps: Put a Ph.D. in Your Pocket

Well, duh. We’re so fly, why not take us everywhere? Have access to all of our Learning Guides through apps on your mobile devices. Shmoop is now available for iPhone, Kindle, NookSony Reader, iPad, and Android devices.

16. Microsoft Office: Students Save $600

You know its going to be hard without Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc., so save yourself the hassle and get it for you computer now. Use your e-mail address ending with .edu and you can get the package for $79.95. This normally would cost around $679.

17. gFlash: Flash Cards on Your Phone

Use this app to make all types of flash cards that include audio and video clips. Great for Vocab words or last minute cramming.

18. Microsoft DreamSpark: Free Design & Computer Programming Applications for Students

Been wanting to get into digital design, or maybe program an app for a smart phone? Don’t have the money to pay for all these programs and computers? You are in luck.  Microsoft offers free professional-grade design and programming applications for students.  Basically you just need to sign in using some Microsoft service (Messenger, Xbox Live, or Hotmail) and start downloading.

19. PBTeen Dry Erase Wall Decal: Write on Your Walls Without Paying a Cleaning Fee

For those highly visual folks among us, here’s a tool to end all tools – a gigantic dry erase calendar for your wall.  Sometimes the itty, bitty planners and the computer calendars don’t cut it.  Here’s your chance to go crazy with the cheese whiz (AKA dry erase markers).  Great for the entire family, or for your sweet dorm room.

20. Clocky/Tocky: Never Miss Your 8am Class Again

The daily ritual: We hit the snooze button a hundred times and wind up being late.  Sigh.  No longer, friends. The Clocky makes sure you get out of bed by jumping and running away from you as you try to turn it off. The Tocky (Clocky’s brother) rolls away from you. Talk about a morning workout.

2 thoughts on “20 Back-To-School Shopping Deals & Picks

  1. I read reviews before I got the laptop that the keys were an issue. Some people complained about the keys not having the right amount of heft, which caused them to miss keys, or were unable to hit the arrow keys. Again, I like big things. Big keyboards included. That said. I don’t have an issue, at all with the keyboard.

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