Happy Shmoopiversary to You (and You and You and You)

Today is the two-year anniversary of our public Beta launch.

Why did we choose Nov. 11th to take our first step out into the world? Veterans Day. Dostoyevsky’s birthday. Vonnegut’s birthday. And we thought some of the greatness might rub off on us. And 11/11 looks a lot like computer binary code. Yes, really.

All of us at Shmoop want to say thanks for making these first two years amazing. Your suggestions, support, love letters, and even the sometimes tough love is what keeps our team working our tails off to keep making Shmoop better. Some of us have no tails left. Buttless wonders.

Tradition holds that 2nd anniversaries are celebrated with cotton or china. We are anything but traditional so we’d like to celebrate with test prep because we love your brain and want to see it and the rest of you get in to the college of your dreams.

For the next week, we’re giving everyone 22% off of all of our Test Prep products. (That’s 2x the 11/11 thing).

When you buy any of these products, just use this promotion code (all CAPS): 2NDSHMOOPIVERSARY

Stay tuned and keep the suggestions and good chi coming. To paraphrase Robert Frost, “we have miles to go before we sleep.”


Ellen, Shmoop CEO

4 thoughts on “Happy Shmoopiversary to You (and You and You and You)

  1. Mimi says:

    If i would have known about the SAT, PSAT, AP Prep two years ago, I would have bought every single one of them. : (

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