The School District of Philadelphia Teams Up with Shmoop to Provide Online Test Prep

District Offers Students School and Home Access to SAT, PSAT and AP Exam Prep

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (Dec. 6, 2010) – The School District of Philadelphia has selected online test prep from Shmoop ( to prepare its students for success on college readiness exams. Teachers and students can access online test prep for SAT, PSAT and AP Exams anywhere they have Web access – at school or home.

“Each year, we work to have more students participate in AP, IB and Dual Enrollment Programs,” said Vera Da Vinci, AP/IB program manager for The School District of Philadelphia. “Along those same lines, we also encourage students to take the PSAT, SAT and ACT Exams. Preparing students for college is a city-wide priority, and we’re looking for products, like Shmoop, that will support our students’ understanding of and academic performance on college readiness exams.”

Each SAT, PSAT and AP Exam test prep course includes deep content reviews, hundreds of drill questions and 2-3 full-length interactive Practice Exams. Shmoop uses classic video games like Oregon Trail, Tetris, and Mario Brothers as metaphors for the challenges, pitfalls, and question types that students will face in the exams.

In addition to preparing students for the SAT and PSAT Exams, Shmoop offers online courses for four of the five most popular AP Exams: AP English Language, AP EnglishLiterature, AP US History, and AP US Government. In 2011, Shmoop will add AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, AP Microecnomics, and AP Macroeconomics.

“The School District of Philadelphia is the eighth largest school district in the nation and is a leader in the effort to better prepare students for success after high school,” said Ellen Siminoff, CEO of Shmoop. “We’re excited to bring Philadelphia students a cutting-edge online test prep program and show them that studying for entrance exams can be fun.”

Shmoop offers affordable group rates for schools, districts and public libraries on its subscription products: Test Prep (for SAT, PSAT, AP Exams) and Teachers Editions.

For more information about Shmoop’s site licenses for schools, districts, and public libraries, visit

One thought on “The School District of Philadelphia Teams Up with Shmoop to Provide Online Test Prep

  1. Eric Smalls says:

    I wanna join! i goto to a philadlephia school and im in the philadelphia school district, so how do i join? is there an online portion that we can log-in too?

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