The Weekly Word: February 23rd, 2011

Dear Shmooper Bowl Champs*:

Tick, tick, tick**

The countdown to test day is on. What are you supposed to do? Well…. proselytize Shmoop! (Fancy way of saying, “Buy from us.”) We even self-promote in $5 words. Who else does this? Yep, only Shmoop. We sell online test prep materials which help you…. survive. Lots of ways to get them:

NEW on Shmoop

The guts of the SAT are vocab words – gnarly ones. We have WD-40 to lubricate the friction in your brain against learning new words. They are the brand spankin’ new Shmoop Vocab Flashcards.

Upcoming Test Dates

Tick, tick, tick**

Don’t be late; deadlines are prefixed ‘dead’ for a reason.

  • SAT dates: March 12, May 7, June 4
  • ACT dates: April 9, June 11
  • AP Exams: May 2 – May 13

Shmoop’s Financial Aid 101 (Or: How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love Fixed-Rate Loans)

Unless you are going to Kawmedy Kollege (where you learn that words which start with a ‘k’ are funnier than words which start with a ‘c’), College is expensive. We have new insights to help you find the best way to pay for college (with somebody else’s nickel… er… 200 grand).

Put the Wisconsin Labor Union Protests in Historical Context

History – and history in the making – is never as simple as a headline or sound bite. Shmoop’s History of Labor Unions Learning Guide looks back through many lenses: ideologylawracegender

This Week on the Web

Tick, tick, tick**

Peace, Egypt. And Libya. And Bahrain. And you.

The Folks over at Shmoop


* Have you noticed anything different about Shmoop? Nope, we didn’t get a new hairdo (but thanks for asking). We turned our logo green and yellow for the month of February in honor of Green Bay’s Super Bowl victory. Our Packer-fan-in-chief, Ellen, is in cheese bliss.
** Not a reference to a tiny household insect which views your dog as a condo complex. Think MacGyver. Or maybe even MacGruber.

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