The Weekly Word: April 4th, 2011

Shmoops Ahoy!

Spring is in the air. The season of beauty and renewal. For those of you with birthdays this month, thank heaven for the fourth of July party your parents…partied to? We don’t mean to be so sentimental, but it’s nice, right? We’re not the only ones who think so. Since April is Poetry Month, we thought we’d share some Spring Lovin’:

The 2011 AP Exams are less than four weeks away. As Europe so eloquently put, “It’s the final countdown.”
We offer 8 awesome prep guides, that can help you deliver* on test day:

Teacher & Administrator Club (No Students Allowed):

Interested in CAHSEE?
Here’s looking at you, California Schools. Shmoop will have California High School State Exit Examintation prep ready in a few weeks. If you get a quote now, we’ll give you an early bird discount of 10%.

Word to your proverbial mother,

Shmoop & The Gang


*If you don’t deliver, you’ll at least know how to piece together the test come game time.

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