Weekly Word: April 21st, 2011

Hey Shmoompa Loompas:

Wassssup? We skipped a weekly newsletter like it was a rope with pink tassles on the end. Did you miss us? We missed you like the desert misses the rain. But anyway… down to business.

The first bit being that it’s Earth Day tomorrow! And since we here at Shmoop love our island home, we figured you might too.

Deep Earthy Stuff (Shmoop Goes Way Past the Crust)

  • Meet John Muir, the guy who lived the Great American Dream (quitting his day job to become a legendary conservationist).
  • Witness (yet again) how Mother Nature can run rampant on society and economy through our look back at the Dust Bowl (No, not a bowling alley).
  • And, don’t worry, we have a couple of awe-inspiring Earth poems for you too:
  • (And you could go see African Cats too. Movie looks Saweet):

Behold: Your Great-Great-Great-Grandpa Had a Wack Moustache

To mark the 150th anniversary of the American Civil War (and the fact that we love Brian Wilson), Shmoop takes a look at11 breathtakingly bad facial hair styles of the Civil War era. Meet “The About Face,” “The King of the Forest,” and “The Double Chinbow.” Hipsters, eat your hearts out.

Uncle Shmoop Wants You (to Ace Your AP Exams)

We would insert an interesting reference here to a countdown, or time ticking away, or a dynamite fuse, but there’s no time. The 2011 AP Exams are less than two weeks away. It’s really time to move it or lose it.

Hark! Shmoop AP Exam Prep to the Rescue. (Tooting our own horn here. They are good. Seriously.)

Teacher & Administrator Club (No Students Allowed)

  • Hey, we have to hand it to you. You teachers are an inspiring bunch. Especially when you make it to 97 years old and still kick it with the students, like Agnes Zhelesnik. Teachers, of all ages, we salute you! But especially Agnes.

Are you a Shmoop Die Hard fan? Or, perhaps, a die-hard Shmoop fan?

We want to talk to you. (We may, in fact, have a crush on you. But not in a creepy way.) Hopefully, you are already well aware that the door is always open here at Shmoop. We read and discuss all of your emails, voicemails, and candygrams.

To keep the conversation going, we’re kicking off a project to listen intently to the educators and students who use Shmoop. We want to hear from you. Interested in sharing your 3 cents? Drop us a line.

Keep making your music and dreaming your dreams,

Shmoopy Wonka

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