The Weekly Word: April 28th, 2011

Yo Shmoop Scouts (and Jems, too):

We know it’s a stressful time of year at school. AP Exams. Finals. The hours (Who are we kidding? Days. Weeks.) of preparation to get your hair and dance moves just right for prom.

Lighten Up Folks:

  • Today is Harper Lee’s birthday. We heart Harper. We think everyone in Shmoopland should have at least one pet named Finch, Boo, or Scout. Check out our Harper Lee biography and our take on the classic To Kill A Mockingbird. Salute!
  • Geeks Gone Wild: Meet the Quadrocopter. A mutant helicopter. And it can juggle. We told you the future would be amaze-balls.

California High Schools: Interested in CAHSEE Prep?

Shmoop’s Online Prep Course for CAHSEE (that’s the California High School Exit Exam) will be ready within days. And don’t worry, we really brought the Shmoop* on this one. Teachers & Administrators: pre-order your school’s or district’s CAHSEE Prep and we’ll give you a 10% discount.

Shmoop Believes You Can Fly

The 2011 AP Exams are basically a week away. But fear not, if you’ve been too busy with, oh, catching up with the folks on Jersey Shore, testing how many marshmallows you can fit in your mouth, or googling how many bird species produce milk (it’s three), we’ve got the stuff for you.

We offer 8 awesome prep courses, that will help you soar:

It’s Time for the Relationship Talk

We understand that it takes work to keep things romantic, fun and exciting. We like this relationship to be a two-way street. How can you cozy up to Shmoop? Like us on Facebook, follow @shmoop on Twitter, or email

And even though it’s not Valentine’s day, or our anniversary (hopefully?), we made you the following. We hope you like them.

32 NEW Learning Guides:

5 NEW Literature Learning Guides

7 NEW Poetry Learning Guides

2 NEW Bestseller Learning Guide

15 NEW Music Learning Guides

3 NEW Teacher’s Editions

We have a funny name, but we’ve got your back,

Shmoo Radley


*Recipe: 3 cups Ph.D. sweat, 1 cup Swagger, and a dash of sugar and spice.

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