The Weekly Word: May 9th, 2011


Before you go back to worrying about how Insert Name Here stole your prom dress, how to match your cummerbund to your date’s Gaga-inspired meat dress, or how you’re going to survive chaperoning Grindfest 2011, it’s time for a little segment we like to call…

Shmoop for Thought

  • 60 Second Study Break: Share Your Thoughts on Ninjas, iPods…Win 1 of 5 manga DVDs
    Our partner Viz Media is giving away (crazy right?) 5 manga DVDs & plush toys from Naruto Shippuden or Bleach. Just fill out this survey.
  • Choo! Choo! I’d Like 1 Ticket Across The Continent Please.
    Today marks the 142nd anniversary of the First Transcontinental Railroad. On May 10, 1869, a final golden spike was smashed into the ground completing the line that connected the Atlantic to the Pacific. Learn more in the Shmoop-ful guide to the History of the Transcontinental Railroad.
  • According to Dr. Dre, Is It More “Like This” or “Like That”?
    Shmoop can help you analyze the hip-hop classic with our new “Nuthin’ but a ‘G’ Thang” Learning Guide.
  • Blessed Are the Geek, for They Shall Inherit the Sweet Videos
    We would be sorry to show you another geeky video … if it weren’t so awesome! In all seriousness, check out the beautiful patterns created by, well, science, in this pendulum wave video.

CAHSEE is Here

Shmoop’s Online Prep Course for CAHSEE (that’s the California High School Exit Exam) is UP and RUNNING. (Woot!) And don’t worry, we really brought the Shmoop** on this one. Teachers & Administrators: order your school’s or district’s CAHSEE Prep today.

Shmoints Ahoy! We’re Giving Away up to 300 Shmoop T-Shirts This Spring.

Not on the Shmoints train yet? You should be. If you manage to be one of the first 300 Shmoopers to score 3,000 Shmoints by June 15th, a brand new piece of elegant Shmoopwear is yours for the taking. (Well, we’ll mail it to you. You don’t have to come get it here in California.) Learn more.

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Sir Shmoop, Duke of Edinburgh


*Not affiliated with General Mills. Or Count Chocula, or Cap’n Crunch. Or cereal at all for that matter.

**Recipe: 3 cups Ph.D. sweat, 1 cup Swagger, and a dash of sugar and spice.

***Isn’t it great that when you pretend to be English you can use the same salutation and sign-off?

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