The Weekly Word: May 19th, 2011

Dear Shmoop Idols:

Pitchy. A bit flat. But still getting votes. That’s how we felt about the economic news last week. We hope you have a few Yen to spare for our partners – somebody has to pay the rent around here…

Shmoop for Thought

  • Nobody Beats the Viz
    It takes 60 seconds. No spam*. Our partner, Viz Media, is giving away 5 manga DVDs & squishy plushy toys from Naruto Shippuden or BleachJust fill. And win. (Some will play. Maybe somebody will win. But like… good luck.)
  • Shmoop Shout-Out: Feliks Zemdegs – Rubik’s Cube Record Holder
    Remember that moment when you realized the only way you were going to solve a Rubik’s Cube was to peel the stickers off and rearrange them? Well, this 15-year-old beat The Cube in a mind-blowing world record time. Watch the video.

From Around the Shmoop Kitchen

You’ve Taken Your Tests, Now Run Us Through The Gauntlet

We want to be in contact with you as much as possible. And since we can’t text all the time, why not set up an interview?

We’d love to give the scoop to any school newspaper, local flyer, or revolutionary pamphlet. Just drop us a line at to set something up.

You look great up there on stage,

Shmoopen Tyler

*Seriously, no spam was used in the making of this survey.

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