The Weekly Word: June 6th, 2011

Avast Ye!

We hope you’re geared up for the summer cinema season that is mindless action and endless sequels. (To be honest, we at the Shmoop HQ still aren’t tired of the Pirates series, Jack Sparrow fo’ life). The movies do let you gracefully vegetate after finals, prom, and your boring summer job. However, before you let your brain cells out on vacation we’ve got some:

Shmoop for Thought

  • What will 2046 be like?
    If you were to sit down today and write a dystopian novel, would you choose a title that merely adds 35 years to the current one? We ask because on June 6th, 1949, George Orwell’s classic Shmoop guide.
  • Shmoop Shout-Out: Marshall Zhang, Teen Discovers Cystic Fibrosis Treatment
    With the help of a super-computer, this 16-year-old from Toronto found a new drug combination that may fight the potentially fatal genetic disorder. Shmoop salutes and invites you to read more.
  • Blessed are the Geek, For They Shall Inherit Another Sweet Video
    Ever seen liquid turn to ice if you touch it? What about hot ice? If not, this video experiment is worth a watch.

We Come to You, On This the Day of Your Daughter’s Wedding, To Ask A Favor

Are we in your top 100 educational products? District Administration, a site providing resources to school districts, is looking for nominations to their list of the best 100 educational products of 2011. If you think we do a good job, we’d be eternally grateful if you’d stop by their site and nominate us.

Summer Reading, Having a Ball

Welcome to Shmoop’s 2nd annual VOTE for our Summer Reading List. You, dear Shmoopers, pick the list. Vote early and often, and we’ll see who makes the cut. Vote here. (Voting closes June 14th at Midnight PST).

Love of Literature More Than a Figment to You?

If you love literature as much as we do, we found a cool resource for you. Figment ( is a free online community for teens and young adults to create, discover, and new reading and writing. Check it out here.

To summer, treasure, and mindless blockbuster films. Yo ho!

Captain Shmoopbeard

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