The Weekly Word: June 23rd, 2011

From Math Class (and Confucius): One Who Sums is Called a…

Yeah, we went there. It is hot. Sorry. NEway…(sic)

Shmoop’s Summer 2011 Reading List

Here is our Summer 2011 Reading List. Or maybe it’s yours (you voted it in). Who came out on top: The Hunger Gamesor Pride and Prejudice? We hope you are doing your reading on a Kindle or an iPad. They are just too cool not to be used.

Your current page-turner not on the list? Email Maybe we’ll Shmoop it.

ISTE 2011 in Philly…Meet Shmoop, Wear Shmoop

We are so much fun at Shmoop… Yeah, we crack ourselves up. No beach for us. No water slides. No afternoon matinees. Instead, we are going to be sweatin’ it out for YOU – at ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education).

Important Details:

  • When: June 27th-29th
  • Where: Pennsylvania Convention Center, Booth 3111
  • What: We’re giving away 1,000 FREE Shmoop T-shirts. Get yours.
  • Please: Spread the word, love, arms…and hug us. We need it.

Extra! Extra! Shmoop Needs Math Writers!

Help! If you can tell us why dy is over dx and how dx‘s mother feels about it in 40 words or less, we will give you a serious listen. You need to be fluent in statistics. Feel qualified? Nerdy enough? Please apply your stats off here.

Shmoop Shout-Out: Pottermore

Craving more magic? JK is back on the grind. She plans to release a Potter-everything site in October, but you cancheck out the introductory video now.

Stop! Quiz Time a la The Great Gatsby

Where do Gatsby and Daisy finally re-meet?

  1. Chuck E. Cheese’s
  2. On a boat (with T. Pain)
  3. At Nick’s lil’ cottage
  4. At their high school dance, twenty years in the past, and only because their future son came back in time and rekindled their high school love

Know the answer? Then take our Great Gatsby quizzes. Earn Shmoints. You might win a shirt.

Shmoop Shout-Out: The Thing-O-Matic

So…this was way more than regular cool. It is a machine that lets you carve your own little…thingies. You could make Princess Leia with the croissant hair but in plastic. Some day this will be how you’ll get your snail mail. Until then, check out the video.

Shmoop For Thought

This is what happens when the sun doesn’t wash its face enough: giant sunsplosion video.

We Made a Video For You

Watch DigiShmoops proclaim their love.

Thanks for Shmooping,

The Gang at HQ

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