The Weekly Word: August 12th, 2011

We are not crooks. (Double peace sign).

Shmoop Shmoops AP US History

How many roads does it really take? Well, here’s our first attempt at video – key message: Love history. It might some day love you back. Watch here, and reply to this email with thoughts. We’re hungry for feedback.

Pry into the inboxes, Facebook profiles, love lives, and scandals of the Mount Olympus and Valhalla A-list.

The reaction on Twitter:
Zeus: OMGs… @shmoop went all WikiLeaks on us… mere mortals are all up in our Olympian business. #SOCTLB*

*God lingo, short for: Stomping on Clouds, Throwing Lightning Bolts.

A Shmoop Movie Tip: Snow Flower and the Secret Fan

When we Shmoopers see something we like, we put it in the newsletter. A movie based on a novel about cultural heritage, friendship, love and honor? “Like!” Check out the trailer to Snow Flower and the Secret Fan.

Twit-Book-Plus SmackDown: Huckleberry Finn vs. The Great Gatsby

Which of these two literary greats has more claim to to the title of the Great American Novel?
Visit the page below, then Tweet, Like, or +1 (or do all three) to cast your vote…

In this corner: Huckleberry “Mad Dog” Finn
In that corner: The Great “Upgraded from Good” Gatsby

Vote with your click and your heart. We’ll announce the winner in next week’s newsletter.

Two Free Shmoop Apps. w00t!

Thanks to our sponsor, Microsoft Office 2010 (Yeah, Bill Gates called), you can have both the Shmoop Hamlet App and the Shmoop Macbeth App for iOS absolutely free. This sweet deal is good through the end of September. Badda bing, badda boom.

The Grapes of Wrath v. Pop Culture

Not satisfied with the “Why Should I Care?” section of the Shmoop Grapes of Wrath Guide? Check out our top reasons why the classic Steinbeck novel is still kickin’ in today’s world. (And it has nothing to do with the fact that the novel is older than the finest of wines.)

Keep the Brain Phresh with…Quiz Time!

The Scarlet Letter
What is the scarlet letter?

  1. A segment on Sesame Street
  2. Correspondence from Miss Scarlet, of Clue fame
  3. A symbol of Hester’s adultery
  4. A symbol of Hester’s awesomeness

Think you know the answer? Test your skills with the “Do I Have to Wear it All the Time?” Quiz.

Looking to Understand the Credit Rating Fiasco? Shmoop Can Help.

Last, it looks like Congress has let us survive past this debt crisis with the collateral damage being that the U.S. is now only a double A rated country. (So long, AAA).

If you want to find the best web-based discussion of the issue, click to read our friend Mary Meeker’s truly awesome presentation.

We wish we had winged shoes,

Totally NOT gods (Just Shmoops)

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