The Weekly Word: August 25th, 2011

How many roads…does it really take?

Shmoop Shmoops AP US History
We have our first Shmoop video ever (that doesn’t totally embarrass us). Our key message: Love history. It might some day love you back. Watch here. Love it? Hate it? Either way, reply to this email with thoughts. We’re hungry for feedback.

Gloria Steinem, We Salute You

Do they make American heroes like this any more? Think about all the curly bigwigs she ruffled without blinking. Forget the milk ad. Got guts?

If you have not had time to catch the new HBO documentary about her, do it. Do it now. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. Then check out our guide to women’s movements to get up to speed.

Twit-Book-Plus SmackDown: Huckleberry Finn vs. The Great Gatsby

Last week, two great American novels fought. Fought for the right to be called THE “Great American Novel.” (Kind of like heavyweight champion, literature style. Pens and glasses instead of sweat and ‘roids.) According to you, diligent Shmoophearts, the bell has rung and…

The Great Gatsby stands victorious over Huckleberry Finn. (Leo DiCaprio chose to do the new Gatsby remake; the guy just doesn’t do flops.)

Do you feel that the fight wasn’t fair? Let us know by hitting reply and letting your keyboard land some punches.

Two FREE Shmoop Apps. That’s right, Free.

For efficiency’s sake, we’ll call them Shmooaps. (Hats off to whoever figures out the proper pronunciation). From the kindly empire up north, Uncles Bill and Steve bring you TFAs (two free apps), appropriately chosen to be (or not to be)Hamletand creator of the ORIGINAL Big Mac, …‘beth. Have at ’em.

Grab yours before the end of September. If you really feel like paying, you can send some Monopoly money to our PO Box.

Back-to-School Means Back-to-Tests

Shmoop is here to help meet all of your Test Prep needs. SAT? Check. ACT? Check. 15 APs? Yup. In California? Need CAHSEE? We have it in Spanish. Budgets got you down? Click here for Group Rates for Schools and Districts.

Special Back-to-School Offer from Apple

Buy a Mac for college and get $100 to spend on the Mac App Store. *Terms apply.
Buy Now.

Keep the Brain Phresh with…Quiz Time!

The Catcher in the Rye
What question plagues Holden throughout the novel?

  1. Which came first: the chicken or the egg?
  2. Where do the ducks in the Central Park pond go during the winter?
  3. Who killed FDR?
  4. Would aliens be less phony?

Think you know the answer? Test your skills with the “Where’s the Pitcher” Quiz.

Shmoop Shout-Out: Homer Simpson, on To Kill A Mockingbird

These thoughts on the classic novel may not be worth your penny, but they’re definitely worth a watch.

Hey, and if you like the Shmoop AP US History video, let us know. We’re always looking for our next gig.

Next stop Holly-would, or maybe, Holly-wouldn’t,

Director Shmoop

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