The Weekly Word: Sept. 1st, 2011

Grab some pencils.
Buy your books.
Send your ex-girlfriend/boyfriend dirty looks.

Ease the Pain: Back to School with Shmoop

To aid in your mind’s transition from spoon-dull and summer-worn mush to a sharpened knife of academic wizardy, we’ve got some Featured Shmoop.

  • Love in the Time of Cholera: You’ve heard of The Kiss of Death? Well, imagine hormonal teenagers trying to make out with one another, despite the fact that it means risking their lives.
  • Battles in the Civil War: These historic encounters are what let us…be all we can be. And we mean Antietam, Gettysburg, and Shiloh, not Halle Berry’s custody battle. Pat Benatar sang “Love is a Battlefield” – well school can be too. Have some reference, on us.
  • Guide to College Applications: We think that if you’re going to go for it, GO FOR IT. We’ll help.
  • Interested in more Shmoop Goodies? Dive in with our Back-to-School Press Release.

Shmoop launches CAHSEE Spanish

Remember The Sunshine Band? This one is not that band. The CAHSEE can be a nasty sniveling test – and now it’s in Spanish for your reading pleasure. Here’s a peek at our CAHSEE in Spanish.

Shmoop Hearts Star Wars: Lucas Releasing Updated Versions

Normally, we would view with scorn and derision anyone who has the time to point out trivial “errors” in films. However,Star Wars represents to us the Zen Commandments of story-telling. So we’ll just double underline the “fixes” Uncle George layered in for the new Blu-ray release.

Bigger, Faster, Stronger: Documentary Exposes the Problems with Steroids

Steroids: They’re a problem now even in high school and are no longer the domain of only a few extremist pro athletes and body builders. Know kids in your school pumping up like a human pimple? Don’t let them pop. And check out this top-notch documentary currently airing on HBO.

Two FREE Shmoop Apps. That’s Right, Free.

For efficiency’s sake, we’ll call them Shmooaps. (Hats off to whoever figures out the proper pronunciation.) From the kindly empire up north, Uncles Bill and Steve bring you TFAs (two free apps), appropriately chosen to be (or not to be) Hamlet and creator of the ORIGINAL Big Mac, …‘beth. Have at ’em.

Grab yours before the end of September. If you really feel like paying, we have another 999 or so paid apps.

Back-to-School Means Back-to-Tests

Shmoop is here to help meet all of your Test Prep needs. SAT? Check. ACT? Check. 15 APs? Yup. In California? Need CAHSEE? We have it in Spanish. Budgets got you down? Click here for Group Rates for Schools and Districts.

Shmoop Shout-Out: Epic Rap Battles in History

These gems, casting figures from cultural and traditional history into rap battles, may be a bit vulgar and immature. But aren’t we all? And they’re definitely funny. Be warned: PG-13 material fo’ sho. Check out Dr. Seuss vs. Shakespeare.

Don’t forget your apples,

Shmooper T. Washington

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