The Weekly Word: Sept. 8th, 2011

Hey Shmorts Fans:

Football season is here, which means it’s time to enjoy our very own modern day gladiators.

Time for cheerleaders, creaky bleachers, a few broken bones, and a red-faced coach. And the whistles. Wanna know more about all the nitty gritty American details? Read on, McDuff, with our History of the NFL guide

Shmoop Biology: How the NFL Breaks Into Science

Footbology? Sadly, there’s no such subject.

But there IS BIology. And Shmoop is here holding your bio-lovin’ hand. Here are some bio questions you can ask yourself on Sunday.

  • Why are offensive linemen triple your size?
    Well, for starters, they’ve got triple your cells. Check out our PG-13 rated naked cells.

Huddle Up for the ACT

If you can’t SHOW people that you’re smart, at least ACT that way. Get your Beatle-esque Help! here.

Featured Shmoop: On the Road, by Jack Kerouac

Like dead squirrel meat and emptied soda cans, Jack Kerouak took to the road in 1951 to write a now-legendary book, published this week 44 years ago. It captured a generation’s hearts and minds who thought it was just oh so cool to be… on the road. Read the Shmoopful guide and map your destiny with Jack.

The US Open: Where Unsolicited Grunts Are A-OK

This awesome annual event in New York is the epitome of ball smashing. Guys, for a sense of this, wait until the first time you meet your mother-in-law. We were rooting for Fish, but it looks like Mardy’s been sent to the frozen food aisle.Keep up to date here.

Not enough tennis in your life? Check out our guide to Kaffir Boy for all you tennis literature needs.

Two FREE Shmoop Apps. That’s Right, Free.

For efficiency’s sake, we’ll call them Shmooaps. (Hats off to whoever figures out the proper pronunciation.) From the kindly empire up north, Uncles Bill and Steve bring you TFAs (two free apps), appropriately chosen to be (or not to be)Hamletand creator of the ORIGINAL Big Mac, …‘beth. Have at ’em.

Grab yours before the end of September. If you really feel like paying, we have another 999 or so paid apps.

Back-to-School Means Back-to-Tests

Shmoop is here to help meet all of your Test Prep needs. SAT? Check. ACT? Check. 15 APs? Yup. In California? Need CAHSEE? We have it in Spanish. Budgets got you down? Click here for Group Rates for Schools and Districts.

Shmoop Shout-Out: Most Iconic Athlete Commercials

Since there have been professional sports, there have been professional players endorsing everything from Coke to sneakers. However, sometimes the commercials bring more to the table than a blatant plug and tap into some real moments in sports. Here are a few examples.

(Just as in dating) It’s a game of inches,

Shmoop Lombardi

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