The Weekly Word: Sept. 23rd, 2011

Avast ye, mateys:

It’s been a very piratey week here at Shmoop. Though Talk Like a Pirate Day was on Monday, we are still adding “Arrrrr”s on to the end of our sentences…Arrrrr!

We might expand it to a month even, or a year. Folks may get tired of our random proclamations telling them to “walk the plank,” but we were built for the sea. Savvy?

Featured Shmoop: Pirates in Literature

Interested in catching up with some scurvy scalliwags and rapscallions in your daily dose o’ lit?

Actual Pirate News

Want to be a pirate in politics? Tired of all your pirate needs being under-represented by Congress? Move to Berlin! The German city just gave the Pirate Party representation in Berlin parliament. No joke. Raise your Jolly Roger and get to sailing.

Shmoop Releases CAHSEE Prep. In Spanish.

Hola! The Shmoop Team has really cranked out a piedra preciosa with this one. Enjoy all the wonder of studying for theCalifornia High School Exit Exam in Spanish.

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Birthday Bash: Sept. 24th

No, his mother didn’t scream an expletive as his first name (hence the F). It stands for Francis, duh. And this author of the Great American Novel, The Great Gatsby (ha, see what we did there?), was born on Sept. 24th. Why not throw a rager at a huge mansion in his honor? Or at least check out our guide.

Shmoop Group Rates for Your High School or District

Looking up the number of National Merit Scholars at your school? How about getting students amped about the ACT or SAT? Shmoop offers awesome group rates for entire schools and districts looking for the maximum Shmoop for the minimum buck.

Houdini Premiered “The Great Escape” This Week

Harry Houdini certainly liked hanging around, and on September 21, 1912, he premiered one of his greatest tricks: The Water Torture Cell. Or the Upside Down, as he liked to call it. In it, his feet would be chained, he would be lowered upside down into a tank full of water, and his assistant would lock him up and throw away the key. Sounds like quite the Friday night.

Shmoop Shout-Out: Josh Ripley, 15, Cross Country Runner

The Andover High runner stopped to assist a fallen competitor and helped him finish the last half mile. Talk about radiating heart and sportsmanship. Oh, talented Mr. Ripley, Shmoop salutes you. Finish this amazing story here.

Sail on, me hearties. Yo ho!

Jack Shmarrow

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