The Weekly Word: Sept. 30th, 2011


It was Rosh Hashanah yesterday. It’s sort of like the NFC Championships of Judaism (Yom Kippur is the Super Bowl, in case you were wondering)—except you get to chill and reflect soulfully instead of winning the George Halas Trophy. A pretty good trade-off, if you ask us.

At its core, Rosh Hashanah is all about getting the thumbs-up from God to get written in the most Shmoopable book of them all: the Book of Life.

Popular Guides This Week on Shmoop:

People like these. We figure you should get in on the action.

  • The Hunger Games: Defend yo’ life…but not by eating burritos. Or anything else, for that matter.
  • The Scarlet Letter: This episode was sponsored by the letter A.
  • The Columbian Exchange: Columbus brought more than just smallpox to the Americas, and he returned with a bunch o’ stuff as well. Chef Boyardee thanks him for the tomatoes.
  • The Iliad: Super epic poems. (Literally!) Super epic heroes. (Except for that heel, which Achilles should really get checked out.)

Shmoop Releases Dashboard, Happy Student Riots Ensue

Shmoop’s SAT (and ACT) Dashboard has gone under the knife for a little facelift—just in time for the October 1 exam. We hope that all 700,000 of you test-takers like our new look as much as we do.

Learn more here. Or, if you’re already an elite member (we love you), go sign in, and check out the new digs.

Miguel de Cervantes Turns 464

That’s going to be one heck of a birthday cake.

Most famous for writing Don Quixote, Cervantes inspired scores of future authors with his picaresque novel of an idealistic knight-errant and his long-suffering companion. In honor of the big 464, we Shmooped some of his devotees here:

Shmoop Group Rates for Your High School or District

Looking up the number of National Merit Scholars at your school? How about getting students amped about the ACT or SAT? Shmoop offers awesome group rates for entire schools and districts looking for the maximum Shmoop for the minimum buck.

This Week in History: Pokemon Debuted in America

According to everyone (at Shmoop), Pokemon lies in the pantheon of the greatest time wasters in history. And by “time wasters,” we obviously mean “time optimizers that are also awesome.” From cruisin’ the the Safari Zone to beating the Elite four, we had fun catching’em all.

Shmoop Shakes a Finger: Sam Eshaghoff, SAT Fraud

Need help on the SAT? Get Shmoop. Just our humble opinion…especially since getting someone else to take it for you might land you in the slammer. 2200 doesn’t mean anything if you get arrested. More about the woes of cheating here.

Shalom! (Again),


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