The Weekly Word: Oct. 21st, 2011

All for one and one for all!

We at Shmoop Global HQ have a fondness for swashbuckling…all sorts of swashbuckling. (Don’t judge us; we do a lot of swivelly chair jousting.)

But since we don’t have a six-fingered man to hunt for revenge, we’ll settle for this:

New Three Musketeers Movie

The movie comes out today, actually. If you want to get the story straight before drowning a mountain of popcorn in an avalanche of butter and paying another $19 for Junior Mints, slice and dice our guide to Dumas’ masterpiece. (Not pronounced the way you wish it were.)

Brand New Shmoop: SAT Biology Subject Test

Our illustrious Senior Science Editor—let’s call her “Dr. Doom”—wants YOU to take the SAT Subject Test in Biology. Seriously, though, are you looking to impress those snooty admissions folks?

Prove you know how bodily functions work (at the cellular level, of course) with our spanking new Subject Test.

This Week in History: Edison Invents the Lightbulb

You know how Prometheus stole fire from the gods back in the B.C.E.? From that moment until…oh, say, Oct. 21, 1879, there were only a few significant variations on the whole fire-for-light theme.

Then Edison woke up one morning and took God’s old “let there be light” thing to heart – but with electricity! Thanks, Tom.Brighten your head here.

Arthur Miller’s Birthday

Whether you’ve read and overanalyzed The Crucible more times than you would care to remember, or your dream is to play Willy Loman in your high school production of Death of a Salesman, Arthur Miller’s prose has had a profound effect on all of us.

Also, he was married to Marilyn Monroe. Anyone who can pull all that off deserves to be celebrated, so happy what-would-have-been-your 96th birthday, Mr. Miller!

Get Test Prep for Your Whole World

Looking to get students amped about the ACT or SAT? Shmoop offers awesome group rates for entire schools and districts looking for the maximum Shmoop for the minimum buck (i.e., don’t be a schmuck).

Yes, it’s a shameless plug…but somebody has to pay the light bills. And we’re trying to shine a lot of light around here, if you know what we mean.

Shmoop Shout Out: Nigel Richards

Nigel Richards of New Zealand became the first ever two-time World SCRABBLE Champion this week.

And before anyone asks: no, he was not the competitor who demanded a strip search after deciding that his opponent was hiding a “G” tile somewhere on his person.

We know something you don’t know (we are not left-handed),

Inigo Shmontoya

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