Shmoop Delivers SAT Biology E/M (With Minimal Trauma)

Shmoop, a publisher of digital curriculum and test preparation, announced today the birth of a test prep guide for the SAT Subject Test in Biology E/M

By adding Bio to its stable of study guides, including prep for the ACT, PSAT, SAT, APs, and SAT Subject Tests, Shmoop has completed a menagerie of magic…al educational tools.

You dream of med school or vet school, or maybe even of becoming a mad scientist. Or, you believe biology is beyond brilliant, and you ache to merge it with your deep-rooted passion for test taking. Or, for kicks, you take a couple of SAT Subject Tests, and biology seems more doable than…physics. Regardless, your eyes have left your favorite social networking site and focused on us:  Shmoop is here to save the day.

SAT Biology E/M is a little bit funky for an SAT Subject Test, since it is actually two exams in one. Whether you want to emphasize ecology or molecular biology, Shmoop is honored to be the nitrogen cycle in your boreal forest.

  • See the similarities between Sir Francis Crick and “Sir” Axl Rose.
  • Take Punnett Square Dancing with wrinkled, dwarf, and smooth peas. To pea or not to pea? That is the question, after all.
  • Learn what Gregor Mendel might have said about your chronic dry earwax problem.
  • Discover how socket wrench shopping at Home Depot and Lowe’s can teach valuable lessons on homologous structures.
  • Understand how maxing out your iPod’s memory is analogous to destroying a small habitat.

Shmoop SAT Biology E/M.  It’s out. It’s live. It’s bio-love. Come check us out. And in.

For more scoop on Shmoop’s SAT Biology E/M Subject Test Learning Guides, visit:

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