Shmoop Wants You to Experience Those Old College Days

Okay, so for you, they’re really “those new college days.” Either way, a college degree is important if you’d ever like to have a job that doesn’t involve hauling slabs of concrete or packing taco meat filling into flour tortilla shells, so Shmoop, a publisher of digital curriculum and test prep, will provide you with the online tools you need to move onward and upward.

Shmoop features an extremely user-friendly “College 101” section that breaks it down for you and guides you calmly and comfortably (no kicking or screaming necessary) through the application and entrance process.

  • Guide to the College Application. From how to physically fill out your application (crayon not encouraged) to how and from whom to acquire Letters of Recommendation (your mother would probably write a glowing one but she may be a little partial), we’ll help you get started and improve your chances at getting accepted by one or all of your dream schools. You don’t have to settle for your nightmare school.
  • Personal Statement and College Admission Essays. If you sound like an idiot, an admissions office will probably assume that you are one. And there’s not really any sort of “idiot quota” that they have to fulfill. We’ll help you sound like a genius (even if you aren’t) and avoid some of the common pitfalls.
  • Entrance Tests. PSAT, SAT and ACT may be the most important acronyms you ever know. We’ll tell you why and how to take them. We might even host a 45-minute “Filling in Bubbles” webinar. Maybe.
  • Financial Aid. We know that you or your parents likely don’t have 1.4 trillion dollars lying around, or whatever it costs nowadays to send you to college for four or more years. We’ve got your back. Hopefully before you’ve had to sell the shirt off of it.
  • Scholarships. Even with financial aid, it’s pretty difficult to make ends meet post-college unless you were able to shave thousands of dollars off tuition with one or more scholarships. Rather than just giving you some general rules to live by, we list and go into detail on almost 100 individual scholarships for you to peruse and consider. We’re doing everything we can possibly do short of giving you the money ourselves. (Don’t even bother asking – we’re a little strapped this week.)
  • Saving for College: A Guide for Parents of Shmoopers. This isn’t just the most crucial stage of your existence; it’s also a pretty critical one for your parents. Mostly because they’re trying to provide a good future for you while still trying to afford one for themselves. We’ll help them not regret having you.
  • Be Smart with Your Money. Sure, you may not have much now, but you will someday. Hopefully a lot of it. And what actions you take in the next few years may determine whether you’re eventually living on Easy Street or on Broke Boulevard. We have a bunch of tips for you. (Not monetary ones, mind you. You’ll have to earn those on your own.)

It’s true – there’s a lot of pressure on you to take the right steps and start yourself off on the right path to ultimate wealth and happiness, but we can help you… depressurize, and provide you with all the 411 you need to have colleges down on their knees begging you to pick them. And that’s saying a lot, because some of these really old colleges have osteoarthritis.

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