Shmoop Launches AP Human Geography: Map of the Human Heart

Mountain View, Calif. (Dec. 7, 2011) – Shmoop, a publisher of digital curriculum and test prep, announces the launch of Shmoop AP Human Geography at

First, to address a common misconception:  Human geography has nothing to do with filling in the “Where I’ve Been” app on Facebook. Instead, it explores the intricacies of the people, culture, economics, and politics of varying regions. In a nutshell: Less globe, more probe.

In Shmoop’s guide to this fascinating branch of social science, learn how different populations developed and in what ways that development is still in motion. Expand your world view to understand humankind and its relationship to the planet. (Perpetual status: “It’s conveniently complicated.”)
Other nuggets from Shmoop’s AP Human Geography:

  • Learn the reason that the only constants in human geography are latitude and longitude.  Our guess? There is more than enough ‘tude to go around.
  • Discover the difference between emigration and immigration. Hint:  One goes out, one goes in, and both can happen at the same time. Mind blown.
  • Find out why people are making such a big deal about – increases in the world’s population.  Two words:  population bomb.
  • Decide whether to worry about the future of two of our favorite things: coffee and chocolate. Although, in this case, we might panic first and ask questions later…

The field of human geography is a diverse and motley one, but Shmoop will explain the beast piece by piece.
Whether you are studying the environmental impact of agriculture or the sustainability of industrialization, Shmoop will hold your hand to make the world feel smaller.

Go around the world in 80 clicks with Shmoop’s guide to AP Human Geography.

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