Shmoop Offers New and Improved Guide to AP U.S. History

We’re no fans of revisionist history, but we also had no problem revising our AP U.S. History guide to serve students and teachers alike. We chopped and hacked away at Version 1.0 like George Washington cut down that cherry tree. Oh wait…

Shmoop, an online education resource that specializes in test prep and digital curriculum, has expanded and revamped its guide to AP U.S. History to more comprehensively cover everything the test might throw at you. You want American imperialism? We’ve got it. Interested in the causes of the Civil War? You’ve come to the right place.

We also cover less depressing material, in case you were wondering.

You will find numerous test-taking tips throughout the guide, as well as a smattering of practice drills and four     full-length practice exams that will prep you for the big day. No, not that big day. Not that other one, either. We’re talking about the AP U.S. History exam, of course, which you’re obviously waiting for with bated breath.

You will learn:

  • Why pirates are only the second-most-interesting thing to happen during English colonization in the 16th century. First place: Roanoke’s mysterious disappearance. Seriously, where did it go? It couldn’t leave a note? We’re not going to worry?
  • What Monty Python can teach you about hunting witches. Hint: It has to do with ducks. Do you know the connection? Do you? Sorry. You probably weren’t expecting the Spanish Inquisition.
  • How Paul Revere spent more than two centuries (and counting) as U.S. history’s most frequently misquoted revolutionary. For one thing, he couldn’t exactly yell on his midnight ride through Boston, with the whole “secret warning” thing. Maybe he used semaphore.
  • Why Oregon Trail—the computer game—might be more accurate than you thought. No, not the part where you shoot 7,000 pounds of buffalo and leave it all behind on the trail. How wasteful. There are people starving in Prussia. Wait, that’s AP European History
  • What Star Wars had to do with the Cold War. Think Death Star, not Millennium Falcon. The AC on the Death Star was much glitchier.

If you care about your future, learn all about our past with Shmoop’s Guide to AP U.S. History. That way, you can pass the test, graduate from high school, and make a Declaration of Independence…from your parents.

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