Weekly Word: Feb. 14, 2012

Mardi Gras is over for another year, so put away your masquerade masks and good luck nursing that king cake hangover. In case you weren’t named King or Queen of Mardi Gras, we have the perfect consolation prize: a new Shmoop newsletter, just for you.

Featured Shmoop: SAT Preparation Guide

Want to rock the SAT? Our Shmoop elves have been toiling away* to make our SAT preparation guide the best in the biz. Things we have to help you on your trek to the top of the SAT mountain:

  • Diagnostic exam – Learn where you need work.
  • Personalized dashboard – Track your success and monitor your less-successful successes.
  • An in-depth review of every SAT subject – Gotta cover ‘em all.
  • Hundreds of drills with explanations – Drill to your heart’s content.
  • Five full-length practice exams – The real deal

The next test is on March 10thCome get prepared.

Interested in Shmooping your entire school? Send us a note here.

Shmoop Shout Out 1.0: Linsanity

Jeremy Lin might just be the most successful person on the planet at the moment. However, we dug deep (not that deep) to find a few more reasons to cheer for him:

  1. It’s not like we can cheer for the clawless Tiger any more. Wait, wrong sport.
  2. He went to Harvard.
  3. He’s from our home turf. That’s right: Jeremy Lin played high school ball right down the street from Shmoop HQ. That has to count for something at our next game of S-H-M-O-R-S-E, right?
  4. He’s just plain awesome.

Read more about the up-and-comer here.

Shmoop Wants to Help with Test Prep

If you’ve been reading up on the state of education lately, you are probably very aware of the education gap between socioeconomic classes. It bothers us, too. That’s why we keep our test prep as affordable as possible.

We believe that every student, regardless of income level, should have access to materials that will help prepare them for college. Learn more by contacting us here.

This Week in History: Thomas Jefferson Elected Feb. 17, 1801

Thomas Jefferson: A lover, yes…but a political fighter? Scandal has followed the third POTUS around since his very first term as president, but there’s no doubt that he made some seriously impressive contributions to American politics.

In fact, head on over to South Dakota for an idea of just how important he was in writing the Declaration of Independence. If you can’t afford the trip, get the scoop on Shmoop.

History Birthday: Galileo Galilei Born Feb. 15, 1564

We’re just going to put it out there: Few historical figures were as awesomely alliterative as Galileo Galilei. It wasn’t all in the name, either: Galileo was a physicist and astronomer who became a major player during the Scientific Revolution. He was even cool enough to have a NASA orbiter named after him.

He has also popped up in both literature (ending to the Scarlet Ibis) and popular culture (“Bohemian Rhapsody“). Definitely one hip guy.

Shmoop Shout Out 2.0: Woolly Mammoth? Not This Time.

Our hopes that woolly mammoths still walk the earth have been dashed again. That’s right: the sensational Internet videohas been deconstructed into several very un-woolly parts.

If you’re interested in learning more about why our hairy elephantine friends may be gone for good, check out our Life guide…and if you’re in Siberia, keep your eyes peeled. We want to believe!

We will always love you,***

The Shmoop Team


**Except as a symbol of our affections, of course.

***We love you, Whitney. RIP.

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