Weekly Word: April 4, 2012

The future is coming!

And so are space pigs. Okay, maybe not. But the AP exams, college applications, and your future are definitely on the road already, and they’re headed your way faster than you might think. How can you make sure that you’re ready for a sky teeming with space pigs?

Leave it to us. Whether you’re stressed out about AP Chemistry or your grown-up job, we have brand-new Shmoop to chase away your future-related fears. Also, space pigs.

Featured Shmoop: AP Chemistry

If you never managed to say “noble gases” with a straight face, we have the AP Chemistry guide for you.* We guarantee that you’ll bond with the material so strongly that you’ll think it was love…

…or, at the very least, intermolecular forces. Bond your brain here.

Featured Shmoop: Careers Section

What does it take to be a funeral director? A curator? A hedge fund manager? Someone who writes about these jobs? (Hi, guys!)

Whether you’re a driven-to-be-the-best, second-isn’t-good-enough type-A personality or an easy, breezy, beautiful free spirit, our new Careers section has the lowdown on all kinds of careers for all kinds of people.

Trust us: it’s never too early to start spotting the stepping stones you’ll need to hop, skip, and jump on to get to your dream job. Start your climb here.

This Week: National D.A.R.E. Day April 5, 2012

We know you’ve heard all this before, and we’re pretty sure you can picture that ominous red scrawl in your sleep, but a little reminder now and then can’t hurt: drugs are not a pretty thing. Take it from us, as adults with pretty good jobs and totally awesome personalities: if you dare to stay away from drugs, you’ll do better in school, go to a better college, and have a better life. Just sayin’.

If you’d like a closer look at the negative consequences of drugs, check out our guide to the History of Drugs in America.

Shmoop Shout Out 1.0: Huge Book Repository

No, it’s not a suppository, and no, you don’t have to put it…well, never mind. However, if you’re in the market for a copy of ALL THE BOOKS, we’ve got news for you. A few enterprising book lovers are putting together a hard copy collection of every book ever published with the modest goal of preserving human culture.

It takes a lot of space to hold ten million copies of anything, but this is one project we can get behind. We love books.Read more about reading here.

Maya Angelou Born April 3, 1928

Though it seems like Ms. Angelou’s been doing more pranking than poeting lately, she stands tall as one of the most prominent and respected poets of the twentieth century. Celebrate her birthday—and National Poetry Month—with some of her wonderful works:

Who says April is the cruelest month? Other than T.S. Eliot, that is.

Shmoop Shout Out 2.0: Pigs

We at Shmoop are huge fans of pigs,** and this heartwarming story just gave us the warm, porcine-loving fuzzies. Last month, a ginormo market hog named Kipper set a new record when he went for a whopping $178,000 at auction in Houston, Texas. Not to be outdone, his friends Rico and Freddy Krueger—a lamb and a steer—sold for a combined $670,000. The best part? The money went into an educational fund.

For more pigs, although of the creepy talking variety with plans for world domination, check out our guide to Orwell’sAnimal Farm.

Happy Easter and Passover to All,

The Shmooponauts

*If you, like some of us at Shmoop HQ, have never remembered that “cation” is less like spring break in a tropic paradise somewhere and more like an ion that is also a cat, we…can’t do anything. Sorry.

**Okay, some of us might mostly be huge fans of bacon, but we also have very fond memories of Charlotte’s Web and Babe.

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