Weekly Word: April 11, 2012

All right Team Shmoop,

Hockey playoffs and AP season have more in common than you might think. Embarking on the path to glory in both requires many of the same qualities: tenacity, endurance…and, let’s be honest, a willingness (maybe a propensity) to drop your gloves and flail wildly in the direction of your nearest opponent.

We’re giving you a metaphor, though. Also, don’t flail metaphorically near a test proctor. They can sense these things.

You’ve only got 4 weeks left, so it’s time to face off.

Featured Shmoop: AP Spanish Lit. & AP Spanish Lang.

Cinco de Mayo isn’t until next month, but Shmoop HQ never needs an excuse to bust out the español…especially when el cinco is followed by el ocho y el dieciocho, otherwise known as the dates of this year’s AP Spanish Language and AP Spanish Literature exams, respectively.

If you’re in the mood for a studying fiesta—or, you know, just our spanking-new guide to the College Board’s two most picante exams, head on over to Spanish Language and Literature on Shmoop.

Featured Shmoop: $3,000 Zinch Scholarship

What does $3,000 buy? Well, a really nice suit, for one. But it can also really help pay for college. That’s an extra three grand that won’t add to the mountain of interest your loans rack up when your college daze is over. College days. We meant college days.

If you’re a student looking to lessen the necessary but evil burden of school debt, sign up and apply. All you need to do is defend your favorite word in the English language.* Good luck, and to the winner go the spoils. And by “spoils,” we mean hard cash money.

Shmoop Month: April is National Math Month

National Poetry Month usually gets all the glory in April, what with the sonnet-friendly flowers and haikus about new beginnings. But no longer! We at Shmoop also stand up in the name of algebra and geometry. Be a true friend to pre-algebra and statistics. Lie along the curves of calculus (…or, you know, not), and shout from the very rooftop of your building** that yes, April is also National Math Month!

You can celebrate with some pi. (Sorry.) Or, by checking out some Shmooped-up math. Just follow your heart and choose from any of the links above.

Shmoop Birthday: Thomas Jefferson Born April 13, 1743

The word these days about the red-headed third president of the United States reads a little more like what you would find in a grocery checkout line and less like something befitting the guy who basically wrote the Declaration of Independence in the nation’s most high-stakes all-nighter that set off the American Revolution, but…that’s history for you.

Get the scoop on Tommy J.’s contributions to baby America here.

Shmoop Remembers: The Titanic Sinks, April 15, 1912

We want you to draw us in this…only this.

Okay, so the denizens of Shmoop HQ may not be quite as dramatically good looking as Kate was when she made her famous request, but we have our good days. Usually when we haven’t eaten our weight in cookie dough for the third day running. Anyway, Sunday is the 100th anniversary of the famed ocean liner’s tragic sinking.

You could honor the day by rewatching James Cameron’s tear-jerking, nausea-inducing epic in glorious 3-D, but you’ll never get that song out of your head. Why not check out how the Titanic relates to mythology here?***

Shmoop Birthday: Leonardo da Vinci Born April 15, 1452

Good ol’ Leo was a Renaissance man before the Renaissance was even cool yet. Talk about hipster. We bet he could have sold the Mona Lisa to Facebook for a billion bucks.

Why rave about some dude from the 15th century, you ask? Well, he was both a magnificent painter (anyone taking AP Art History?) and an incredible mechanical mind (sup, AP Physics). The man’s list of inventions includes the helicopter, an eight-barreled gun, the first tank, and even a parachute. Too bad he was so advanced that nobody knew how to make them happen until centuries later.

Leonardo, we at Shmoop salute you.
Game on,

Shmockey Fans

*This week, ours is “discount Peeps.” Wait, that’s two words.

**Or sing from the rooftops?

***If we were going to name an ocean liner after the Titans, we would have called it the Titanlicious. Maybe it’s a good thing we don’t have naming rights.

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