Weekly Word: May 30th, 2012

Hey Shmovie Stars,

Summer is rapidly approaching, and you know what that means. Time to go cool off in an air-conditioned movie theater with all the fried chicken buckets and Big Gulps you can manage to sneak in!

Not that we at Shmoop HQ advocate that kind of bald-faced-rule-breaking, of course. You might enjoy paying 15 bucks for a handful of popcorn and a seriously underfilled box of Mike & Ikes, we don’t know your life.

Here we can sweeten the deal: a whole bunch of this upcoming movies are books! (Exclamation points are cool! Soylent green is people! We are Shmoop!)

Shmoop Shout Out: $3,000 Zinch Scholarship

We know, we know, we’ve told you about this scholarship a few (okay, a billion) times now. But all we really want is for you to have an extra $3,000 for school.

All it takes is a quick essay on your favorite word in the English language—just two tweets’ worth—and you’ll be well on your way to rolling around in dough. Plus, if you get the $3,000 in pennies you could probably go for a “money swim” like Scrooge McDuck.

Shmoop Shout Out 2.0: Great Gatsby Movie Trailer

When a book is this—wait for it—great, there are bound to be a few screen adaptations over the years. We have to be honest, though: while good ol’ Rob Redford is a gentleman and a scholar, his 1974 portrayal of Gatsby was a little lackluster.*

However, the upcoming adaptation with Leo has us intrigued…if only for the bathing zebra in the trailer. Here’s hoping Baz Luhrmann can translate the novel into something worth seeing.** Brush up on the broodingly dandy tragic hero before the feature film with our guide here.

Shmoop Call to Arms: Math Teachers Unite

Are you a math whiz and a teacher who knows the Common Core like the back (or front) of your hand? If so, we are looking for your help!

Shmoop is designing some spanking new math content and needs some vigilant math ninjas to help. If this sounds like the gig for you (oh, did we mention it pays?), give us a shout at support@shmoop.com or check out math job page.

Shmoop Birthday: Walt Whitman Born May 31, 1819

Could there be anything cooler than a great American writer who bears a striking resemblance to an Ent? We think not. Just look at that glorious hat/beard combo! Can’t beat it. Also, he really! really! liked! exclamation points! Read more about Dub Dubs (what do you mean, people don’t call him that?) here. And then read more of his work:

Shmoop Shout Out 3.0: On The Road Movie Trailer

Road trips are pretty awesome, and America is one swell place. From Californiaaaaaa to the New York Islannnnnnd…and so on and so forth. If you put them both together, you’re bound to get an awesome story—that is, if you don’t fry your brain on the sixties first.

And, since we’re Twilight fans, we’ll give Kristen Stewart a shot in the new film adaptation of the book. Need some gas before starting up the junker and hittin’ the road? Read our guide to On The Road here.

Shmoop Week in History: CNN Launched June 1, 1980

Though we admit that the 24-hour news cycle can get a little stressful, the constant need for new information did help advance the whole talking-to-holograms thing. And for that, CNN, we thank you. How would we be able to survive another election year without holographic will.i.am getting all up on our TV?

Happy 32nd birthday, Cable News Network!

Shmoop Out 4.0: Youngest Spelling Bee Competitor Ever

We have no idea what we were doing when we were six years old, but we’re pretty sure it was more in the vein of “jumping off things to see if we could fly” than “qualifying for a national spelling championship.” Lori Anne Madison’s parents are probably prouder than ours were.***

Read more about the super speller here.

Here’s to the cool theaters,
Shmeternal Critics

*We think the version with a young (and unknown) Paul Rudd cutting his teeth as Nick Carraway, though terribly acted in every regard, is at least more entertaining.

**Moulin Gatsby? Don’t mind if we do.

***FYI, plastic grocery bags do not make great parachutes.

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