The Weekly Word: June 19th, 2012

Hey there Shmoopasaurses,

We hope you’re still recovering from the best Father’s Day ever,* but we’re into celebrating dads all the time. If you need a reason—or five—to jam along with us, watch Jimmy Fallon take on the best dad dance moves here.

We like the “Wrong Macarena” the best. It’s like Jimmy can see our lives.

We tried to celebrate by finding a list of amazing dads in literature, but besides Atticus Finch, we came up a little short. Therefore, we pose a…

Shmoop Question of the Week:

Who are the best dads in literature?  

Send us your thoughts at, and we’ll make a list o’ awesome dads for next week.

Shmoop Shout Out: Rise of the AP

This neat new infographic sums up AP testing in a few words and a lot of pretty pictures. With everyone and his or her mother taking AP tests these days, students trying to get into college will be facing far stiffer competition.

Honestly, we’d have walked miles in the snow (uphill both ways) if it meant skipping a few of those honors classes—and the tortuous amounts of homework that went with ‘em. Alas, not so.

Check out our AP learning guides and start thinking about next year, because you know that kid who’s in every single one of your honors classes is already doing it.

Shmoop Birthday: Paul McCartney Born June 18, 1942

Let’s take a second to 1) wish the famed Beatle a happy birthday and 2) think about how awesome it would be to get knighted.**

Good ol’ Paul has been churning out hits and rockin’ stadiums for 70 years now. Well, the first 14 years probably had more to do with diapers and teenage angst than rock and roll, but everyone had to start somewhere. Celebrate his musical legacy with some songs from The Beatles catalog.

Happy birthday, Sir McCartney!

Shmoop Week in History: Constitution Ratified June 21, 1788

We here at Shmoop think the verb “ratify” isn’t used nearly enough in the day-to-day. Example: “Let’s ratify our plans to eat burritos on Wednesday.” Or how about, “I’d like to ratify my feelings for you.” Pretty romantic, right?

Anyway, America’s list o’ rules became the law of the land 224 years ago this week. Put on your powdered wigs, and party like it’s 1788! Oh, and learn more about the Constitution with our guide.

Shmoop Debate: Is TV the New Literature?

Spoiler alert: The Atlantic says, “Yes! And also maybe no. Ehhh, we might want to think about giving this a solid ‘undecided’ instead.” Honestly, The Atlantic, we can’t blame you.

Defining a genre is a pretty hard thing to do. However, if you’d prefer to make up your own mind, beloved Shmoopers,read the article and decide for yourself. If you can’t pick a side, at least you’ll be able to add terms like “emerging canon” and “literary cachet” to your arsenal.

Shmoop Shout Out 2.0: Aliens at the Bottom of the Ocean?

Apparently the Swedes don’t appreciate a good alien story as much as we do. However, for all you budding UFO hunters out there, it might be time to get your diving certification and book a cruise to the Baltic. Researchers there have discovered a giant stone disc at the bottom of the ocean that bears a striking resemblance to the Millennium Falcon. Where’s Giorgio Tsoukalos when you need him?

Shmoop Shout Out 3.0: Boy Scout Receives All 132 Merit Badges

Are you the type of person who needs to finish everything?  Get all the stars in Mario? Eat ten plates at the buffet? Well, Curry McWilliams scratched that itch by meticulously collecting all 132 badges that are possible to collect as a Boy Scout.  (That is six times the number you need to become an Eagle Scout, mind you.) Yep, he even got the Dentistry Badge.*** Congrats, Curry!



To Dads and Summer,
Shmegory Peck


* New records set by Shmoop dads this year: seven pancakes consumed, sixteen red velvet chocolate chip cupcakes devoured, and one lawnmower fixed.

**“Hey there, Shmooperino—”
“Ah, ah, ah.”
“That’s Sir Shmooperino to you.”

***Performed a perfect root canal.

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