Shmoop Introduces New Analytics Tool for Test Prep

As an administrator running a digital classroom being a fly on the wall can be an enticing thought.

Shmoop, a publisher of digital curriculum and test prep, has a new product that will make all thousand lenses of a principal’s fly eyes … bug out. Now those with a Shmoop license can keep tabs on their students. Shmoop Analytics – a tool in the same vein as Google Analytics – will give Shmoop administrators instant access to oodles of informative data. Buzz on down to the bullet points to learn all the deets.


Shmoop Analytics allows a principal or superintendent to:

• View user activity. Students logging on every day for three hours? Someone else checking in just long enough to earn a “Minimum Effort” badge for Boy Scouts? Shmoop Analytics will open a magical portal so principals can see all their comings and goings.

• View student progress. Students are taking the online drills – great. But how are they doing on them? Use Analytics to get a sense of how well everyone’s performing on the exams, and where they need work. Some students may be falling behind – now they can be aided early and often.

• Identify top schools, classrooms and students using Shmoop. School officials can see who else is in the same boat at any particular school or district. The Shmoop administrator can also keep an eye on them to make sure no one is hoarding the life vests.

• Print and export data. Online stuff is nice, but let’s be honest – sometimes a principal just needs to hold the facts in their cold, dead hands.

• Fancy graphs and charts. Shmoop has more tables and pie charts than it knows what to do with. Take some off its hands. Please.

Now’s the time to be that fly on a virtual wall, and, as The Police say, admins will be able to see “every breath [they] take, every move [they] make.” Okay, it’s a little stalkerish, but perfectly legal. Check out Shmoop Analytics. Graph on!

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