Myth(ology) Busters


We at Shmoop love to get feedback from y’all about what you love (and hate, but let’s face it: what’s not to love?).

But even we couldn’t anticipate the sudden outpouring of love that we received from Oak Hills High School. We opened our email that morning and had dozens of emails from the dedicated students in Alyssa Payne’s Mythology Class.

Alyssa is the sort of teacher we wish we had when we were in school. Not only did the students get to “become” the Greek gods for class, they speed-dated each other to probably live out those messy, godly love lives. Could you imagine how awkward it was for Hephaestus to watch Aphrodite making doe eyes at Ares across the room? AMAZING.

But, of course, how do you become a Greek god? Why, by using Shmoop, of course! The students were so wowed by our coverage that they wrote in en masse.

Here’s some of the awesome stuff the students said about Shmoop:

I am a senior student at Oak hills High School and I’m writing as a way to thank you for this website that you have provided for others to use. Your website is very easy to follow, and it keeps the users entertained and willing to keep reading. I very much enjoy the way the website is set up because the Facebook format is an easy approach to hook the users to your website. Out of all of the four websites I have visited, I was most interested in yours. Thank you for taking the time to create this website and providing your knowledge for others to explore. ~ Hayley

Recently my mythology class has done a project on the Olympians and I just wanted to thank, and tell you about what a great website you have! I have done my research, and looked at several different sites. However yours by far is the best one. It is very easy access to what I need to get to, and it made my project quick and easy! So thank you! ~ Ashley

I am contacting you to tell you what a great help that your website was. I am currently training to become Aphrodite for a project that I have coming up. Your site had all of the information that I needed to become just like her. Thank you so much and keep up the good work! ~Allison

I just wanted to let you know that I found your site to be very useful and great. It had all kinds of information and it was really easy to navigate. I really enjoyed using your site for my project. So thank you for having such an awesome site. ~ Courtney

I would like to thank you for the information that you provide on this website. I got a majority of the information that I used for a school assignment. I learned a lot about Apollo. I looked at a couple other websites and thought that yours was the best. The layout you chose is the best way to sort the information. Thank you for providing me with new knowledge about the god Apollo! ~ Cody

I just wanted to say thanks for the great information. The way your website has written a modern take on the Greek gods and goddesses was fun to read and makes the information a lot easier to understand. My favorite page was Hestia’s wall. It gives Hestia a personality, something that other texts seem to miss. ~Michelle

The information was presented clearly and everything was easy to navigate. In addition, there was a large amount of information available. I would recommend Shmoop to any student as it seems to be a great place for helping with homework and any other research. ~ Aaron

I am writing to tell you that your website gives a lot of reliable information and it really helped me find all the main information on my topic. This website gives a lot of valuable information that a lot of other websites do not give and that really showed me you have a pretty good idea of what you are talking about. I looked at three other websites to find info for my project and none of them had nearly as much in depth information as yours did. I can honestly say there really isn’t much to change about it if anything. So keep it up and I will be using your website in the future. ~ Tanner

As I have been visiting this website for information on my Greek mythology project for a class, this website has been so helpful and wonderful to me on finding info very easily. The tabs or pages that are attached to the character’s page is very full of information and interesting facts on the goddess you choose, which makes researching absolutely easy and fast. ~ Elizabeth

Pretty sweet, huh? And since we’re not the type to let love go unrequited, we gifted them back Shmoop shirts. Now those will get you a date!


Thanks Oak Hills!

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