Shmoop Offers Thousands of Educational Videos that Pack an Emotional Punch

Shmoop adds hundreds of new videos, illustrating educational concepts and helping students relate school material to their own lives.

Little known fact: while video was killing the radio star, it was also busy reinvigorating the classroom.

Videos used to be the crutch of substitute teachers everywhere, but now they’re a crucial part of any curriculum. And while most educational videos fall under the genre of “Deathly Boring,” the videos from Shmoop University (, a digital publisher that aims to take the friction out of learning, are found in the heart of the “Comedy” section.

Shmoop’s catalog of thousands of videos can be accessed via their video library, ShmoopTube, and are also embedded throughout their site—in Learning Guides, Test Prep, Online Courses, and Teacher Resources—to help visual and auditory learners stay apace in the text-heavy Internet world. The videos cover topics from literature and history to science, math, grammar, and computer science; and even the video titles, like “How to Use a Freakin’ Comma,” scream Shmoop.

“Think Monthy Python meets your wacky 9th-grade English teacher,” says David Siminoff, founder and Chief Creative Officer of Shmoop. “Shmoop videos give students the information they need in a way that helps them retain it, by grabbing them on an emotional level. Shmoop videos are more Cohen Academy than Khan Academy.”

Other educational videos on the market are majorly snooze-inducing. But after watching Shmoop videos, students will still be able to operate heavy machinery…not that they should.

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