A Fun Way to Give Your College Apps a Boost

Hi, Shmoopers!

If you’re getting a little antsy after being stuck at home for all these snow days (seriously, is it springtime yet?), we’ve got two words for you: book club. When else will you get to sit around with your friends judging something indiscriminately…and have it look good on your college apps?


Not sure how to get a book club going? Here are four easy steps:

1. Tell your friends.

Who wouldn’t want another excuse to hang out? Bonus: you can book club digitally or in person. Oh, and if you don’t have any friends (or at least none who like to read), take the opportunity to do a solo book club with Shmoop’s free Bestsellers course.

2. Pick a meeting time and place.

Yes, the Internet counts as a place. If you want to make it an in-person happening, just be sure you pick a place with a heater. We don’t want any The Giver-style endings here.

3. Choose your first book.

This part is the best. Come up with a list of possibilities, and have everyone vote on which book to start with. Here are a few of our favorite books to chat about:
Yeah, we have eclectic tastes.

4. Make it your own.

As a group, decide how you want it to go down. Who will lead the discussion each week? Should you pre-circulate questions or just go with the flow? Will there be snacks? (Hint: Yes.There will always be snacks.)

Have a favorite book club book? Tell us about it on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #ShmoopBookClub!

Happy reading!

Team Shmoop

Quote of the Week

“Be the prettiest book I ever seen.
The cover is pale blue, color a the sky.
And a big white bird—a peace dove—
spreads its wings from end to end.”

~ The Help

We bet Aibileen would join our book club. Just saying.

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