Vote for the Champion of Shakespeare’s Sweet Sixteen

April fools!

It’s been quite a dramatic tournament (pun intended): from fake-outs to three-act shots to stage defense, we’ve seen it all. But the crowd has spoken, and now we’re left with our top four Shakespeare plays.


Don’t get up in arms, but we’ve decided to speed things up and conduct one final four-way contest. That means you’re not just voting for a play—you’re voting for an entire genre of play. Who’s going to take home the win?

Will it be tragedy, represented by the always mopey Macbeth? Or will comedy come out on top with the help of Puck and A Midsummer Night’s Dream? Can the problem plays pull out a big win with All’s Well That Ends Well? Or will Henry IV Part 1 somehow take it home for the histories?

Vote for your favorite play/genre and then wait with bated breath for the champion to be announced on Monday. Come what may—we know the best play will win. And when it does, we will celebrate…with pomp and circumstance.

2 thoughts on “Vote for the Champion of Shakespeare’s Sweet Sixteen

  1. Jeffrey says:

    According to last week’s poll results, Much Ado about Nothing beat out A Midsummer Night’s Dream. What happened? Why didn’t Much Ado make the final round?

  2. It looks like some Much Ado About Nothing fans weren’t thrilled about AMSND’s win and put in some votes after the polls closed. It doesn’t count toward our poll, but it does count toward Shakespeare spirit.

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