5 Tips for Conquering Procrastination

Hi, Shmoopers!

We dare you to list a hundred things that are more exciting than studying.

Nope. Stop. That was a trick.

You were supposed to say, “I’m too busy studying to play your stupid game.” But you didn’t. So…if you’re worried that your procrastination skills are sharper than your study skills, then this one’s for you.

5 Tips for Conquering Procrastination

1. Procrastinate productively.

Sometimes, not procrastinating isn’t an option. (We all have days like that.) If that’s the case, procrastinate with something productive. Example? When you need a break from AP* Stats or AP Micro, try Math Shack. It’s no Gossip Girl reruns, but it gives you a break without losing your math momentum.

2. Give yourself incentives.

You know how dogs seem to learn commands a little quicker when there’s a treat involved? Turns out that tactic works pretty well on humans, too. Next time you’re having trouble getting through an assigned reading, reward yourself with your favorite snack whenever you finish a chapter. Before you know it, you’ll have read the whole book—and eaten your weight in peanut M&Ms. (Save this one for after dinner.) P.S. We’ve got our own incentives at Shmoop in the form of Badgesand Shmoints. Use ’em.

3. Remove distractions.

Think you’re really good at multitasking? Spoiler alert: you’re not. Just turn off your TV and wireless connection, dudes. The funny cat videos and what-kind-of-junk-food-are-you quizzes will still be there when you’re done. Promise.

4. Break up your work.

Remember that time you read all of War and Peace in one sitting? No? Oh, that’s right—that’s because it’s impossible. Same goes for learning all of AP Bio in a night or writing your final essay the morning it’s due. Be sure to take it one step at a time; and if you dowait till the night before, be sure those steps are speedy.

5. Study with a friend.

…unless your friend is anything like that kid from Up who just won’t simmer down. In which case, find a new study partner.

Do you have other tips for pummeling procrastination? Tell us how you focus, using the hashtag #ShmoopStudyTips on Facebook or Twitter.

Then get back to work.

Quote of the Week

“I read seven or eight books a week outside of my schoolwork.”

~ The Chosen

We could all learn a thing or two about productivity from this guy.

*AP is a registered trademark of the College Board, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, this product.

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