7 Classic Books Brought to Life

Ever wondered what Jay Gatsby looks like when he isn’t being played by Leo? Trying to map Holden’s travels in The Catcher in the Rye? Not sure what a Nazgûl actually is? Shmoop infographics have all the answers.

7 Classic Books

Brought to Life


Lord of the Flies

What the stink is a conch?

Hint: it’s not the nickname our brother gave us in 3rd grade. We swear.

The Harry Potter Series

Is Hermione’s hair really that fabulous?

Yes. And don’t try to disagree with us.

Romeo and Juliet

Do opposites really attract?

Sometimes with deadly results.

To Kill a Mockingbird

What did Boo Radley’s porch look like?

It was actually kind of inviting, if you ask us.

The Lord of the Rings Series

What did Hobbits look like before Hollywood got its hands on ’em?

Er, don’t blame the messenger.

Animal Farm

What does it all mean?
It’s an allegory with a capital(ist) A. To each pig his own, you know?

Pride and Prejudice

Who loves (and lusts) whom?
It’s complicated. Like, really, really complicated.

Oh, and in addition to full Learning Guides on each text, our most popular infographics have corresponding Online Courses, which you can access via a Shmoop subscription.

Feast your eyes,


Quote of the Week

“Who are you wearing?

~ Joan Rivers

We think we heard Daisy ask Gatsby that, too.

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