6 Movies That Should Have Gotten the Franchise Treatment

Hey, Shmoopers,

The box office makes approximately a zillion dollars every weekend, and we here at Shmoop have been rethinking our career choices. Maybe we should have tried to be directors or producers or even key grips…whatever those are. In any case, a much-anticipated sequel (think Star Wars) often leads the pack, which got us thinking: why don’t more movies have sequels? 

So here’s our list of movies that we think should have gotten the franchise treatment… and how the sequels might have gone down. Check out our Movies section for even more.

1. Annie Hall

To be fair, Woody Allen is basically a franchise on his own, but we would have loved to see the sequel. Alvy gets hypnotic therapy, Annie updates her wardrobe for the ’80s, and they live miserably ever after.

2. The Breakfast Club

We know what you’re thinking: The Breakfast Club has sequels and prequels galore. You know, Sixteen CandlesPretty in Pink, and every other ’80s coming-of-age comedy? But when it comes down to it, The Breakfast Club never got a “Part 2.” Maybe in the sequel, Bender will go out with both fists in the air. 

3. E.T.

Ever wonder what it’d be like if Elliott, Michael, and Gertie visited E.T. on his home turf? Well, we stay up nights thinking about it. Spielberg, get to it.

4. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

We got a front-row seat to see what Ferris does on his day off. But what mischief would he get into in school? We’re thinking Ferris Bueller’s Day On has a nice ring to it.

5. Forrest Gump

This movie is practically begging for a sequel. In fact, the novel that inspired the movie already has a sequel—it just never made it to the big screen. With his mom’s smarts and his dad’s track skills, just think of the college scholarships Forrest Jr. could win.


Why do all apocalyptic movies end right when the world is saved? What happens after the celebration is over and everyone has to deal with the literal piles of rubble around them? A WALL-E sequel would be the ultimate (and first) weight-loss, robot-romance tale.

Let us know what sequels you’d like to see on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #ShmoopSequels.


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