The AP Seder Plate

Hey, Shmoopers,

We’re celebrating Passover…while we study for the APs that kick off in less than two weeks.

Modern Jews celebrate Passover with a Seder—a ceremonial dinner—which commemorates the exodus of the Israelites from Egypt. During the Seder, the Seder plate holds various symbolic foodstuffs and plays a big part in the rituals.

So while we were procrastinating—er, getting hyped—we decided to see which APs would fit on the Seder plate. Here’s what we came up with.

The Shank Bone

The shank bone, which symbolizes the sacrifice the Israelites made the night before the exodus, represents last-minute cramming the night before the…exam. But unlike the shank bone, which you don’t eat, you’ll have to devour those APs.

The Egg

The roasted egg is meant to remind us of springtime and new beginnings (along with loads of other stuff). So we’d say egg duty on the AP Seder plate would be split between AP Chemistry and AP Environmental Science, which kick off exam week Monday at 8:00AM.

The Bitter Herbs

On the Seder plate, the bitter herbs (a.k.a. maror and hazeret) represent the bitterness of slavery. During AP season, AP Capstone represents the bitterness of the other exams when they heard that they could have had cool names like that, too. Sorry, “AP Physics 2: Algebra Based.”

The Charoset

The charoset (usually represented by fruit, cinnamon, and nuts…mmm) symbolizes the mortar used by the Hebrew slaves to build stuff. In AP land, the honor goes to AP Computer Science. You may not be able to build pyramids with Java, but you can build websites…and a killer resume.

The Parsley

The parsley (a.k.a. karpas) gets dipped in salt water, representing, on the one side, the initial prosperity of the Israelites in Egypt, and on the other side, the tears of the Hebrew slaves. It’s the AP Comparative Government and Politics of the Seder plate.

Read up on your Exodus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy for all the details on Passover (yeah, the Bible likes to repeat itself), and then get to studying. We hear matzah is good brain food.

Chag sameach,


Quote of the Week

“Let my people go.

~ Moses in Exodus

And while you’re at it, let them ace their AP exams…please?

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