Top 10 Things You Need to Know Before You Graduate

Greetings, soon-to-be grads!

You’ve learned a lot in high school, but there are still a few nuggets left to digest. Allow us to hit you with a good ‘ol list.

1. Not registering = not taking the test.

The last day to register for the SAT and SAT subject exams is in a few short days, so get to it. Remember: you can’t win if you don’t play.

2. There’s still time!

ACT, Texas EOC Asssessments, Florida EOC Assessments, and CAHSEE still have test dates before next school year. Translation: you’re not off the hook.

3. Graduation is a great time for fashion.

Your gown might make you look like a sheep, but if you get creative with what’s underneath it, at least you’re a wolf in sheep’s clothing…or something like that.

4. Dr. Seuss is just as deep as Derrida.

Don’t let that diploma go to your head. Remember to thank the little people—or at least the people who were there when you were little. Dr. Seuss, we love you. (You too, Derrida.)

5. The Graduate is about a college graduate.

Just don’t get your hopes up.

6. You have options.

If you aren’t heading to college, there are plenty of careers out there for you, from professional golfer to repo man. And then some.

7. A gap year doesn’t mean a year of TV marathons.

You can use a gap year to volunteer, explore different cultures, or even try your hand at the real world. Just remember—it’s good to have a plan for when that year is over.

8. Math actually is useful.

Just saying.

9. You have at least one thing in common with Einstein.

He graduated from high school, too. We’re guessing you have more in common with him than just that, though. Hopefully it’s your haircut.

10. Shmoop isn’t just for high schoolers.

We’re here for you, no matter which path you take: college (even real college credit), job, or just stuffing dollar bills under your mattress.

So close…

Quote of the Week

“My only plan after graduation was to become a full time gunter.”

~ Ready Player One

What’s your only plan after graduation, gunter?
Tell us on Facebook or Twitter. #ShmoopGrads

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