6 Ways to Distract Yourself from APs Without Losing Brain Cells

Hi, Shmoopers,

AP® exams started this week, and your brain might be getting a little fuzzy from everything you’re packing in there. As much as we love a good binge-watch session, we also encourage you to take a break from AP studying with something that won’t dry up those learning muscles.

1. Take a career quiz.

Start by remembering that your AP scores won’t determine your entire future…probably. Shmoop’s Career Advice Center offers two quizzes: one for people who need some guidance and one for people who have zero clue what they want out of life. Figure out which category you fall into, and then let us crush your dreams.

2. Goof around with Shakespeare.

If you’re taking AP English Literature, you might need to know a thing or two about Shakespeare. But why not take a break and see what Shakespeare would have said about Shmoop? Head over to our Shakespeare Translator and type in “Shmoop is awesome.” And then travel down the Shakespeare Translator rabbit hole.

3. Figure out how the internet actually works.

We spend all day on it, so why not understand, uh, what it is? Even if you’re not taking AP Computer Science (A or Principles), it’s fun to learn the ins and outs of how stuff works. Our guide to How the Internet Works will walk you through everything from algorithms to copper cables to IP addresses.

4. Learn a few little-known facts from history.

It’s one thing to ace the AP U.S. History exam, but how about taking a break with some fun history trivia? In addition to our guides to Historical Texts, we’ve got loads of videos about history trivia to keep you on your toes.

5. Finance Glossary

If you’re taking AP Micro or Macro, you might feel like an informed economic citizen. But if not, take a peek at our guides to economics and finance to beef up. Not only will you have more in your arsenal for dinner party chatter, but you’ll also get some tips for personal finance that’ll help you if those AP exams don’t turn out the way you hoped…

6. Today in History

Figure out what went down in history on each of your AP test days. Taking AP Chem or AP Psych? Joseph Heller was born on May 1, so take a cue from him and keep it lighthearted while you study. Working on AP English Language? On May 10, the First Transcontinental Railroad was completed—just think about that when you start complaining about how hard you’ve been working.

Now get back to those APs.

You got this,

AP is a registered trademark of the College Board, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, this product.

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