Name That Sequel

Hey, Shmoopers,

We want to test your knowledge of sequels. So take a break from shipping Thomas and Teresa, and see how well you know your YA dystopian thrillers. Good luck—and don’t let the tracker jackers sting.

How Well Do You Know Your YA Dystopian Thriller Sequels?

Name the sequel to each of the following books:

1. The Hunger Games
2. Divergent
3. Uglies
4. Matched
5. Delirium
6. City of Bones
7. Beautiful Creatures
8. Legend
9. Daughter of Smoke & Bone
10. Mortal Engines
11. Shiver

Yes, we linked, but have some dignity, people. No cheating. Save the clicks till after you guess. Answers are below (and in tiny font, like ya do). Once you’ve graded yourself, find out how you stacked up.

0 right:
Yeah, you were definitely the first person killed in the 74th Hunger Games. Not that you’d volunteer, anyway.

1 -3 right:
Hope you like electricity, because you’re getting picked off by bulb monsters.

4 – 7 right:
You didn’t nail it, but at least you can take that red pill to forget about your mediocre performance.

8 – 10 right:
It’s true love for you and these sequels. Let’s just hope they’re not secret werewolves.

11 right:
You’re a regular Tris Prior: truly divergent.

How’d you do? Tell us on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #ShmoopSequels.

Quote of the Week

“Thomas had lived in fear and terror the past few weeks, but this was almost too much…”

~ The Scorch Trials

Do you think the second movie was as good as the first?
1. Catching Fire  2. Insurgent  3. Pretties  4. Crossed  5. Pandemonium 6. City of Ashes 7. Beautiful Darkness 8. Prodigy 9. Days of Blood and Starlight 10. Predator’s Gold 11. Linger

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